History Of The Founder of AMCAS

AMCAS (business license No. 05/1//1991/04; Registration No. 05/1/23728/04; Name Reg. No. 05/1//6/00407/0) was established on 02/09/2004 Ethiopian Calendar to address the service gap currently prevailing in the Ethiopian Internal Audit market. Even though, internal auditors practicing in the country have an association (Institute of Internal Auditors Ethiopia) since 1996, the internal audit service provided by the practitioners hardly meets the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) requirements of the IIA Global.

The history of the founder of AMCAS could be traced to IIA Ethiopia. IIA Ethiopia has been facilitating the administration of certification examination in Addis Ababa since its establishment. Among the students enrolled in the institute is the founder of AMCAS. AMCAS founder earned the institute’s designations of Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certification in Control Self Assessment (CCSA) and the Certified Financial Service Auditor (CFSA) in 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively. 

Two organizations (Ethiopian Airlines and International Air Transport Association (IATA)) have also played an active role in enabling the founder of AMCAS to establish the management consulting firm. Whenever AMCAS firm’s history is mentioned their contribution is worth declared.

The founder has worked in Ethiopian Airlines from October 2001 to November 2012 progressing through Junior Auditor to Corporate Quality Assurance Compliance Manager. During the period the founder has had the opportunity of working with number of international consultants including audit software solution providers of ACL (audit command language) Q-pulse and Q5AIMS. The founder has had also the opportunity of learning IOSA and ISAGO courses in IATA training centers of Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Washington DC. 

The founder has enriched his training delivery experience in the Ethiopian Aviation Academy, Ethiopian Management Institute, National Bank of Ethiopia and the Institute of Internal Auditors Ethiopia. Among the courses he delivered include modern internal auditing, performance auditing, corporate governance, control self assessment, Quality assurance and improvement program, value adding compliance audit and aviation internal auditor course. Personnel of the airline (pilots, aircraft inspectors, quality assurance auditors, safety assurance auditors, security auditors) and various external organization’s (namely Financial Service industry and the public sector) staff were trained and certified.

The founder of AMCAS has also the opportunity of participating in the ISAGO program as ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) Lead Auditor for IATA since the year 2008. During the period, the founder has also learned a great deal regarding the advantages of forming quality audit pool and audit sharing benefits. During the field work, the founder has also had the opportunity of extensively using Q5 Audit and Inspection Management Software in auditing and has certified 10 international ground handling service providers in Kuwait, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and in Kenya.

The founder has also worked in the capacity of board of directors in Ethiopian Petroleum Enterprise and Awash Winery Share Company since 2010. During the period, the founder has had the opportunity of practically implementing the corporate governance practices and learned the service gap prevalent in the internal audit departments.

The founder of AMCAS also authored exam questions for IIA Global. The experience has enabled the founder to learn a great deal about the Institute of Internal Auditors certification and examination processes.

Even though AMCAS is currently registered as a sole trader, it has an active plan of evolving in to partnership, limited private company and ultimately to organize itself as share company to lead the African Internal Audit market.