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Designed To Add Value

Value is provided by improving opportunities to achieve organizational objectives, identifying operational improvement, and/or reducing risk exposure through both assurance and consulting activities.

AMCAS International through its internal audit services provides assurance on the organization's governance, risk management, and control processes to help the organization achieve its strategic, operational, financial, and compliance objectives.

Internal audit is a catalyst for improving an organization's effectiveness and efficiency by providing insight and recommendations based on analysis and assessment of data and business processes.

With a commitment to integrity and accountability, internal audit provides value to governing bodies and senior management as an objective source of independent advice.

As by constructing a dam against a river flow, we create value by producing:

  • Electricity
  • Fish farming
  • Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Drinking water

So AMCAS International by helping management construct a control system against the flow of material, information, cash, human, document and other related resources, it enhances the creation of organizational values suitable for client's need.

Please call +251911472225 or email: info@amcasinternational.com to reach out and partner with AMCAS International for transforming your internal control framework to achieve your organization's strategic, operational, financial & compliance Objectives. 

Our professionals have top-tier expertise and are supported by comprehensive and proven methodologies and tools.


+251 91 147 2225‬

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