From Self Control to Public Governance

When you have a self control what kind of natural person will you be? When your government has good governance what kind of republic will it be? So many individuals have tried to have a good governance without excercising self control. I strongly belive that the coming age will be given to the saints of the most high because they will display the wisdom and power of self control before they try to control the republic.

If you count the generation from king David to prince Israel, it was 12 generations. So King David is Israel after 12 generations in his 12 sons giving us the revelation of 144. So what is the object lesson for us from their transformation in to a kingdom of Israel, in my opinion a lot. In the natural person we have two major parts of the brain, one functions to control voluntary muscle while the other one controls involuntary muscle. What do we learn from the natural person about the governance aspect. There must be continuity and there must be change. That part of the government that does not require chnage just like a foundation of a building is equivalent to that part of our brain that controls our involuntary muscle. That part of the brain that controls the voluntary muscle must be dynamic and accomodate the change process. So in every governance there must be a foundation upon which the natural person must be established, this must not be subject to change.

When I see the western world and the estern world, I figured out that the western world has dynamic system very responsive to change while the eastern countries political order is based on fixed system. We in between this system are learning the advantage of having a fixed foundation for a dynamic superstructure. So eastern coutries are crashing their own people at the expense of upholding their unchanging fixed foundation. While the western world changes everything to protect their families at the expense of future downfall.

Can we have a country that will not be invaded by foreign enemies nor imune to domestic revolution? I read from the holy scriptures that in the day of king solomon, Israel experienced neither aggression nor convulsion. The question is why? The answer is in the King Solomon, his wisdom excelled all, the scripture says he knows the plant kingdom, the bird kingdom, the fish kingdom and the animal kingdom. No wonder the surrounding nations brought him gifts instead of bullets appreciating his wisdom.

How much do our fuculties know about mistries of life? As long as we are born and live in this perishable form of life, we do agreession sometimes to control others without realising that we ourselves are subject to convulsion from inside.